Many years ago people drank beer. In fact there is a debate among archaeologists as to whether beer or bread was invented first. Wild grains were stored in clay jars and water seeped fermenting and creating an alcoholic beverage. You can read about it in Archaeology Magazine. So people would be drinking all the time. It also was one of the only was to store drinks before refrigeration. You can make wine out of them and they won’t spoil. unlike juice or milk. what are you gonna drink in the middle of winter? So beer and wine will be with us as long as mankind exists. it must be embraced and taken in. Moderation is of course in order.

This is a drawing of an idea for a poster. A young lady has just taken a swim and is relaxing by the lake with a smooth cup of foam. enjoying the afternoon wearing a nice black wool suit. I guess it would itch like mad, so the only way to wear it would be half snuckered.


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