Drawing things is more interesting when you draw things you like, I don’t think I would be alone if I said I liked how women looked. This becomes creepy when the person being admired does not want to be admired. So these are feeling you must bury deep inside and never let out. Or you will be scorned forever. People in the middle east have tried to get around this by covering up the females and separating the sexes. This leads to certain inequalities. All of this was not an issue 200 years ago, when the amount of work to maintain a household was 10 fold of what it is today. Food couldn’t be purchased at a store, it had to be made, Meat couldn’t be purchased at a store it had to be harvested. Everything was a need for survival vs. a want for entertainment. Now we have all of these needs minimized and it creates a void. Our minds are not occupied by labor so we find things to do with them. And this leads to all of our problems… at least it seems that way… people were probably just as miserable back then but they are no longer here to ask.




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