I can’t take much more of this …

here is a drawing I made, exploring a “cute” comic character I could exploit and become a millionaire. The process put forth by Disney and others is very formulaic at this point. Most of the characters have small bodies (like a baby) big eyes (like a baby) and are soft and round (like a baby) so I tried to create some characters with that in mind. When you look at how much of this style sells it is hard to ignore and pretend that something else will become the rage and create a marketing landslide. Think about hello kitty, by simply applying this simple graphic to a multitude of products it turns them from mundane to “cute” and worthy of purchase. the only difference between a t-shirt and a hello kitty t-shirt is a few cents of ink arranged in a specific way on the surface and yet that is all it takes. it is the ultimate form of efficiency. A scientist could work a lifetime creating improvements to a t-shirt, using fine cotton, and special blends of materials, create sewing machines with special stitching processes. All to make his t-shirt favored by the masses. But none of these things would do any good. When the proper graphics are applied. the t-shirt becomes a status symbol, or a protest, or a statement. It says something about the person wearing it. If it says abercrombie, or affliction, the ink creates an image in your mind on who this person is. Being hyper aware of this makes it hard for me to wear a t-shirt with something printed on it. If I wear an affliction t-shirt to Buffalo wild wings I might be seen as cool but if I wear it to skips motorcycle junk yard they might look at me as a “fancy boy” and therefor deserving of ridicule. so I try to wear clothes that say nothing at all. which can draw some flack in some circles. but allows me to pass between different social groups without detection.


I know I am way over thinking this. but this is how my brain works when left alone…



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