creating artwork is something you never get used to. i really admire pictures of debbie reynolds, and like to see her in movies. I have seen her in movies and didn’t know who she was … then all of a sudden you hear about her somewhere and your like “yeah, I really liked her in that … oh and then she was in that as well …”  then I imagine I am in one of those movies walking around with Debbie at an old fair, winning vintage stuffed animals and eating cotton candy all while staying thin, and handsome … and in perfect lighting. the thing that always seperates movies from reality is the lighting, of course there is hundred other things, people don’t talk over each other in movies, they always leave space between words in movies so the person watching can follow along. in real life people talk over top of each other and say what like 20 times until people are sick of trying to hear them. Something else they never do in movies is misunderstand what the other person says. like one person says “pour me another drink jack … ” and the other person thinks he heard “pour me another drink shlack … ” and madness insues .. bla bla bla …

blogs are stupid as well, that is my real point. they are an exercise in narcissism. thinking anyone give two sh1ts about what I write on here is retarded … maybe if I wrote something better … or thought about it better … oh forget it …



2 thoughts on “debbie reynolds is adorable

  1. I just love this work! man, you take art and make useful things out of it that creates sustainability for yourself. i was just talking to my love about how i loathe developing software, but it pays the bills – how i wish i could do art for a living, but then i probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

    sorry, i’m babbling. anyway, love this artwork.

  2. Babble away, it helps to think someone out there is listening to us all sometimes …. I am glad you like it … If it helps I do boring art for money this is the kind of stuff I do on the side because I like it … somedays I am drawing medical instruments, or cats, or topical gels … we all have to work

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