here is the art for my christmas card this year … I always make a christmas card … it gives me a chance to create something without worrying about it, or making it for other people to enjoy … so I get to do something I like for once in the year … see what I can do if I don’t have to get paid … I have some friends that do better work than me, for work I do a lot of just garbage to make a paycheck … now garbage is a subjective term, one mans trash is another mans treasure, so the things I don’t appreciate are worth a lot to other people … thank god or I would starve! we all have to work but we all like to play, this is what I think is fun. I created this without any reference, models, photo shoots, email, google search, clip art, markers, paint brushes. Just a pencil and paper, and computer. I used transparent layers in illustrator to create the water color looking color. and layered it on a page from an old book I scanned into the computer. I like old books

Old books were better written, more real, people took that shit seriously. new books are dummed down, pathetic attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I feel like if I “get” a book it must not be very good cause I am not that smart … on the other hand I get mad when something is written using complex vocabulary, but when deciphered it doesn’t make any sense. They contain no logic. A lot of high school teachers are excellent at this, if they don’t know something they have 30 smart ass teens siting there to give them shit about it. So it is easier to bluff. Sight some journal from a unwritten organization. say things like “we will cover this later”. give the kids soo much homework they can’t pay attention any more. all of these tactics are being used by the corporate world, they sepreate you from information with out ever saying you can’t have it. Its a giant shell game …

all this came to mind when ….

ok so, I got divorced in aug, my heath insurance (A) said, you can’t take her off until she is covered by another carrier, the other carrier (B) wouldn’t cover her until I got a letter saying she was dropped from insurance A… sooo I decided to take another shot at taking her off my coverage, and they said you can only make a change in your plan during the enrollment period or 30 days after the life change event … which nobody told me until 5 minutes ago … the enrollment period was in nov? To find this out I had to wade through the “unreasonable obstruction” phone system to find this out, and my phone provided CIncinnati Bell wouldn’t work on my side of the building so I had to call them in the lobby ….
so Happy Birthday Kathy you are covered until the next enrollment period …

There needs to be a law called “Unreasonable Obstruction” – this would be a fine placed on any company who employes tactics to make services un-useable. like poor phone systems with voice recognition software that doesn’t work, multiple entering of ID numbers & Passwords just to get basic information, providing operators with appropriate mastery of languages,all of this has become standard operating procedure and I am fed up with it. REPOST this if you agree…


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