Saw “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum” last night with my son at Purcell Marian. The play was sort of loosely done with no orchestra, so some songs were preformed a cappella (which is really brave BTW), but it was funny and everyone smiled the whole time. very good to see people happy and having a good time. Everyone was accepted.

the day before I heard of a kid who tragically tried to end his life because he was not being accepted …

A kid texted his friends at Mariemont High School saying he was going to kill himself because he was outted on facebook. He then did. from what I know he hung himself and was found still alive, so he went to the hospital. Where he is getting help. But this should not happen.

At Purcell the kids were all different shapes and sizes and one of the main characters was either gay or played a gay type character, but everyone was respectful. and happy. and entertained.

we need to support the good places and neglect the bad.

The thinking of elitism in cultures means some people don’t make the cut. What about them? are they supposed to just lay down and die? Sorry america I wasn’t born 6 feet tall, and have a bald head, I am not your ideal, but you can fuck off! I am not going anywhere. The truth is I know people who “made the cut” who are horrible useless people. They walk around thinking they are better than everyone without producing one use full thing. I may not be completely use full but I don’t cut down other people so I can be the tallest tree.

When I was growing up, people used to smoke pot and chill out. Now everyone seems to work out and beat people up. People used to tell people to mellow out and take a chill pill. now people are pumped up on steroids injecting poison into their foreheads and cutting off parts of their body. even the “new bohemians” are gauging out their ears, permanently marking up their skin and sticking metal through their skin. how the hell did we get here? where are we going? how long til  we get there?

anyway, venting completed, time to make the donuts …


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