The monkey represents me. over powering, overbearing, hairy, not understanding the fair creature I have captured. Sure I can capture woman, but what to do with one? they have thoughts me not understand… me not complex and interesting, me simple man with base ideals.


life is separated into two categories, what we need and what we want… why do we want what we want? I have everything I need in spades. but I have nothing I want. That has been a source of my discontent as I reach middle age… as is the source of many peoples discontent. I think what I want was not clear to me. but like most wants it starts as an idea, then that idea comes back again, and back again, until it becomes a desire. TO not desire is peace. but too much peace can lead to directionless wandering… what is the point of having a car if you have no place to go? since my divorce I have been searching for that next piece. what do I want? what do I need? how do both of these things line up?

too many questions, by the time I figure it out, it may be too late! anyway join me on my quest, and stay tuned for next time I will tell you about “the horrible date”


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