Mannigton's store concept

My whole life I have been forced to go to shopping malls and department stores. They have always given me sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something about the florescent lighting humming over head and the smell of nylon leisure suits left a scar deep in my psyche. A little boy being pulled into windowless stores on perfectly beautiful days sunny days. Where kids are playing outside and having fun while I was tortured by trying on pants for what seemed like hours at a time. These stores are the domain of women. I love women and respect them on a deep level. But I am not a women and probably never will be. So I feel like I am walking into the women’s restroom when I am in a department store. My dream would one day create a store for men only. There would be one in every mall so the men could have a place to go. It would be called Mannington’s. in a hand drawn script like a baseball team logo. Manningtons would carry sportswear, formal wear and casual wear. The sports wear would be things like Fishing hats with lures, hunting vests, brown oiled leather shoes. Pocket knives, pocket watches, handcerchiefs made of soft cotton, not the shitty nylon ones you get at target … There would be no nylon anywear in the store. Nike has that covered. This is not a me too store. This is more of an F up store. There would be chairs and wood paneling every wear. The clothes would be cut to fit on a man. Not a girl. so the store would carry suspenders to keep mens pants up on thier bellys’ not every man should wear low rise skinny jeans and they shouldn’t be forced to! Hats, this store would have multiple styles. The kind men used to wear. the colors of the store would be Brown, navy, olive green, black, tweed, no melon, or peach or flower colors. Men want to dress like trees and grass, only colors found in trees and grass would be carried, maybe lake water would be a color, or sky, but nothing that would be found in a wildflower. or bouquet or an 80’s new wave band.

They wouldn’t have a bar but there would be a bottle of rye wiskey you could take a shot out of. The shot glass would never be cleaned. and if you didn’t drink it you would be openly mocked. there would be an old cathode ray tv in a real fake wood cabinet. showing only boxing matches in black and white. A smoking enforcement law would be past forcing you to at least have a cigar in your mouth. there would be a craftsman tailor from italy on staff to make sure you looked good when you left. Men would bring there boys her to buy them their first suit.
It would be a traditional cut suit. One style and limited fabrics so it wouldn’t conform to a trend. Classic style. A good suit should last a man a life time. If you look at carry grant his suits from those old alfred hitchcock movies still look good. If I could look half that good I would be doing something. There would be no logos on anything, except a red embroidered label saying Mannigton’s sewn into the inside. This would be the opposite of the crap that is sold at stores now. You could buy a range of shirts in this store. Men’s shirts come in 5 styles, T-shirts, mock turtle, polo, casual, and dress. The t-shirts would be in only solid colors, with a pocket. Heavy cotton. The collar of the t-shirt
could have embroidery on it or a subtle pattern to elevate it. The T shirts would also be available in small black and white stripes. Like the ones from a 60’s surf movie.

the store would always stock the 5 styles. so if you found a shirt you liked you could buy it again. the same would go for pants. You could plan out your whole wardrobe and sizes and never have to think about it for the rest of your natural life. its not like people are going to stop wearing jeans or khakis. why does a man have to look so hard to find these things?

anyway this is my idea created in 2004 and captured here in 2012

Bart Laube © 2012

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