this is a portrait of a famous girl … somtimes when I draw something, it is so “perfect” or comfortable it becomes mistaken for clip art. Like someone else created it and just copied and pasted it. I assure you it takes a lot of effort to create something that people just accept as fact. People accept a photograph as fact. You can’t argue that a picture of your aunt. Where her nose is, what color her hair is, how long it is. A good drawing crosses that line, into something you don’t question. if it is right, you don’t question anything about it. it just is accepted as a drawing of a face. you just get it. when I do a drawing it has to pass through the eye of a needle to get there. moving pieces of it a thousandth of an inch. so it feels right. the width of a pencil line. by eye. there is no mechanical way to make something look right. the reason is 1000’s of people look at these drawings and have to accept them. if the eye is crooked or slightly lower than another, they will not come back, because what ever I did, didn’t “look right”. we are animals at heart and react viscerally to what we see. This is why plastic surgery looks horrifying. it takes something created by God and natural selection and alters it in a tiny way. sometimes it is imperceptible. sometimes it is like “oh my”. that doesn’t look right. because a nose never has looked like that in the history of man.

I did a threadless design of an elephant one time, and the comments were “whats the big deal you just copied and pasted a clip art elephant and put it on a shirt” this is frustrating to me. I have created art for many global and national companies. So chances are you have seen it before or have it on your shelf. I am not allowed to share it because I don’t own it. 99% never sees the public eye. For a design there can be hundreds of designs and only one can be the final. the other 99% goes in a trash can. I keep a file of the things I am proud of so it doesn’t seem futile. I may never show these to anyone, but I hate the idea of throwing them away. I am getting paid to draw and design. that is the reward, anything else is a bonus. I look out my window here at work and see 2 muffler shops. Guys are in there 7 days a week in the 100 degree weather and the sub zero, cutting mufflers off of toyotas with a torch. You think they aren’t like “this sucks” I wish I was sitting in a nice office drinking coffee and doing something less strenious. I guess the grass is always greener. I just imagine that I am on the greener side sometimes…

thanks for letting me vent …

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