this weekend, Bella the mini dachshund battled a garden snake. I heard her barking at something, usually it ends after a few minutes but this kept going and was consistent. so I went back in the back yard to see what was going on. a 2 foot long s was slithering through the onion grass. Every bark caused the tiny dog to raise an inch in the air with energy. Tired of the barking I attempted to remove the snake, but before I could the tiny dog grasped the viper by the mid section and flung it violently back and forth multiple time while growling. I could hear the whipping sound of the snake as it’s head and tail smacking the dog in the side of the head. The snake laid there bleeding from its midsection motionless. Bella reliving the moment barked at the lifeless body as if to say “take that!” for a few minutes. Then proceeded to do a sort of dance around the body. Bella is 8 lbs, the snake was as big around as a sharpie marker … an epic battle in tiny proportions …Image


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