I like to have a hobby. A hobby is something a person (like me) does to focus energy on that takes a person’s (like me as well) mind off of the mundane aspects of life.

the hobby was invented in 1732 by James W. Hobbinshire. He was a wealthy aristocrat who had too much time on his hands. He was known to take perfectly good moats and dirt hills, tear them apart and rebuild them to different specifications. This took him away from his previous occupation of placing peasants on posts in his back yard. He enjoyed putting peasants on posts, until one day a peasant said “sire, have you ever thought about running your moat 200 yards further out like the one in Hamfordshire? It is much nicer that way” At that point the peasant was left alone and the moat became his focus, thus saving his own life. Any time the aristocrat got the itch to put someone on a post, he was told of his moats irregularities or his dirt hills being the wrong proportion. Many peasants were spared this way.



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