bartenational @ wordpress will remain my art / graphic design / general complaint blog

but I am launching


to capture all my comic strips on Timmy Bean Brain. One of my failed dreams of child hood, (which there are many)

was to do a daily comic strip in the newspaper. My dad used to wake up at 6 am everyday, get dressed for work and read the paper while I ate my breakfast. I would sit there and eat my egg or sausage and toast while he would start pushing, “hey you should draw comic strips” and he would read me one that jumped out at him. I always read Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. I have a collection of the paperbacks they published in the 1960’s and reprinted. The touching part of these is how they reflected my life as a kid and more over as a person. They weren’t always Ha HA funny but they had something interesting going on. This next generation will not have that. Writing has been taken over by idiots like me who ramble on, on stupid self important blogs, writing about themselves ad nauseum.

another good thing lost in this modern dark ages


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