I was visiting a friends house who complained of light bulbs being loosened and noises in her house. I heard some weird noises in parts of the house that were unoccupied. I secretly found a loose light bulb I didn’t talk about. And heard footsteps upstairs when no one was home. There was a broken old clock that went off in the middle of the night. The house had seen some turmoil. had several occupants who moved out for various reasons… I thought all this was bullshit. I never believed in ghosts. People talk about ghosts, but ghosts never seem to make any sense. What is the point of reaching across the gap between life and death if only to make a noise or float around?

I have witnessed the soul. Seen a soul leave a body. Many people have. it is not news. How long does a soul linger? I did some research on the area the house was built and found it was once a native american cemetery. Around 1012 there was a town in this area. They found 1200 burial sites. Bones. Skeletons.

the image below was created buy taking some photos of skulls they found and applying skin and hair. So we can look in the face of these ghosts. The bones of these people are located in the Peabody museum in Connecticut. Maybe the souls of these people are wondering around my neighborhood. Looking for their bodies.. who knows what ghosts want … or where they are headed … just wondering aimlessly in time and space….

The top guys seems to look kind and wise, the second guy looks to be an expert in knives and hunting, and the third guy looks to be a leader with a strong jaw and symmetrical face..

I wonder if anyone will ever dig up my bones? after all my data is erased, all my experiences are forgotten. Many greater men than I have been lost in history, never to be spoken about again.

the people who lived in my area had no written language we know of. so we don’t even know their name… nameless…. homeless … but they can still reach out of the past and get my attention …




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