I first met Oliver at a job interview for a co op position were I work. He had a book designed for robots to read … I am interested in robots, vulcans and automatons. So I thought this kid is a genius. Every other student had some lame magazines about things I can’t remember. They all were very talented but original ideas are hard to come buy on this planet. when I see one I get excited. Oliver is an original guy. People that have the opportunity to meet him remember who he is. Even people who are on the peripheral of his life. I met a waiter from the oakley pub at taste of cincinnati, and he said he saw that “indy looking guy with the glasses and the hat” at his restaurant the other day. My vision is so myopic I barely can see past the end of my arms some days. So to have someone remember another person like that seems like a great feat.

The best thing about Oliver is he brings something to the table. Many artist these days combine shit from other people and say “this is new”. or they do something quick and impulsive and a person can get burnt out on it after a few weeks. Cincinnati is a hot bed for talented artists who aren’t in the spotlight. Most are hermit type of people who don’t come out in the sun, because they work all the time. What you do see is their work. It is all over national magazine covers, books, posters. The bar is high here and you need to be good to stand out amongst these people.

Oliver does that



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