I was researching options on display types the other day and ran across these two examples of the same photo, directed by two different people.

I imagine the thought is to have a person in the shot to show how tall this thing is. So they picked the hottest girl in the office for the shot, because hiring a professional model is out of scope. (more than free). they had to pick a day for the shoot and set up a time to do it. Then this happened ….

The one on the left is simple clean and kind of approachable. The shot was probably planned but no layout was done. her pose is definately a pose, but it is not really utilizing her body as an asset. People like to look at a pretty woman. she is turned sideways and leaning forward in an awkward way. almost like she is respectful of this bland banner display. You can see her figure and she is wearing clothes no one would ever wear to an office, Her top is something a lady wouldn’t wear, unless to the beach, or on a hot day outside. The pants are tight and form fitting and she is wearing some sort of flat shoes? but they are grey pants as if to say “I work in an office. I imagine she bought a suit, and had a jacket on, but the art director was like, um, lets try a few without the jacket, “I can’t see anything interesting here” is what he may have been thinking… so she reluctantly shed the jacket, never thinking she was going to wear just the tank top. so she is looking away from the camera. The graphics are simple. The over all result is informational and kind of plain. Just a shot of the product, probably took 4 hours of set up and shooting max.

These people probably deliver the goods, but aren’t much fun to hang around … no frills …

The right example is the opposite. In this art directors office the hottest girl is kind of slutty. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate beauty. But this shirt is a little too short, the heals are high, her body is turned towards the camera, She is not afraid to show herself. She is confident. Maybe over confident. This is her “best” outfit. and the art director (maybe her boss, or some art guy) was like “yeah, you look hot baby”… They spent all day of company time shooting different scenarios. “Maybe you are putting it together” yea now do one where you are setting it up” yea good” .. the guy was like this is way funner than laying out that yarn convention display … or prepping those files to send to the client.. Then when the shot was done, he was like what can I put on the banner? why my favorite things of course … shots of me and my buddies roller blading. No information about the product, no height, its all about him. Apparently his boss didn’t care, or they were “buddies” the power dynamic of thier relationship is one where the designer is in charge.

I imagine things get done at this company on the graphic designers schedule, if at all. But if you want to have fun, this is the place to be…

I have been doing this for 20 years plus, I have worked at both of these types of places … I would guess I would prefer a combination of both. The girl on the right, wearing a white shirt and a gray mini skirt. black conservative heals. She would be leaning into the banner, face forward, smiling, as if to say “come on buddy, I will take care of you, and help you find the banner you want”, I will not wreck your marriage or bore the shit out of you … I am a good person, who is not ashamed of my body … ha ha … yea a lot of thought goes into photo shoots …


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