I was not in the dream only watching it like a movie. that took years to unfold.

it was about a family that goes camping and are having a picnic. A disaster hits the country. The food supply became tainted. so there wasn’t enough food to feed everyone. This was on the horizon when the family left but panic set in and everything collapsed while they were away. A crazy mob started to ransack the camp ground causing everyone to flee. the parents get taken away. and the teenage children where left behind … The teenage children hid in the local government buildings that were hidden near the camp area. the buildings were trade areas, were people could get supplies. but were watched over by government lackeys. so the teens would stay out of sight so they wouldn’t get picked up. but not that well hidden. the parents left behind a car. but the key was lost near the car. the teens couldn’t search properly for the key because they needed to stay undetected.

so they tried to look at night when they had time.

there was a vine covered fence with a space you could see black government fighter jets in.

two of the teens fell in love. and had thier first kiss under an empty building.

one of the teens was standing around the government trade area. spying on it, to see if he could see his dad

the trade area was set up like an amphitheater with goods placed around it to browse.

and one day the dad shows up. to take him home …


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