Artists in America are generally in the “we don’t get it” catagory.

I was reading about these artists in the UK


the government gave them $150 million to do this work?

America gives money to poor people, and other governments. If I knew I could get 1/100 th ($1.5 mil) to “create” some bullshit that would be a major motivator to take art seriously. I love art, I see something in it. I believe words cannot capture beauty. other wise people would put up pages from the dictionary in their homes to make them look better. They don’t. The only words people seem to care about are Abercrombie. Uh Coach. ? mercedes? BMW?  because those words are about status, not beauty. America supports with our money status. We pay to move up in America. People will do anything for this status. Kids get crap for not having iphones in high school. meanwhile there is no varsity letter for “prettiest painting”. Or best life drawing. I always felt out of place there. I gravitated towards people and places that were visually interesting. Sitting under a tree is such a place. Standing next to a river. An art museum is a place were people try to define beauty. sometimes that is lost on the patrons. Is this art? they ask. What the hell is that supposed to be? I get caught up in that thought pattern. and loose sight of what I like to be around. and were I want to be. chase the wrong dream. pay the wrong bills. eat the wrong food. and become less and less happy. What do you think is beautiful?


2 thoughts on “being an artist in America

  1. I think colors are beautiful, whether in a flower or in a gorgeous piece of fabric. One of the most beautiful things is the soulfulness I see in the deep brown of a dog’s eyes.
    Thank you for the follow, I look forward to reading your posts.

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