here is a bunch of icon concepts I did for some project …. I am good at this sort of thing, I did a lot of research to come up with this many … some are older ideas … some are rethought from some one else’s idea … some are original … but as a creative my job is to create solutions. I was talking to a guy who had MS this weekend. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that has been around for a long time. Research has plateaued. There are many illnesses where they have run out of ideas on what to do to solve them. There are many creative people working in different parts of business who are not used to solve these problems. I get paid to solve problems everyday. I am not here because I am attractive or a great speaker. I am not here because I am tall or have great hair. I am not here because I am pleasant or charming. I am here because problems need to be solved. I rarely get any sort of credit or reward for this. No one wants to say or acknowledge who came up with an idea, because they don’t get a reward for it. Most of the time they think they did it. When I started work here 13 years ago this was a production house. meaning they did things other people thought of in an efficient way. They were very good at it. and hit a plateau of what people needed from them. I always solved problems and fixed things and slowly the company has grown into a multinational design leader. Why? of course it was a team effort. of course there are many talented people here. but it did not hurt to have someone who could solve any problem. just one person. they call me in on projects to solve issues. or provide direction. Believe me I could not do any of this alone. Think of it like someone fixing a car, and they are working on the transmission and say “hey you might check the carburetor while you are doing this” then I leave. Then it turns out to be the Carb. They fix it, they do the work, they solve the problems. I just can pick out problems or provide a perspective that is different because my brain is wired like this. I can’t do this all the time, or solve every problem. but I have had my wins. I submitted an idea to BP for fixing the gulf oil spill that was eerily similar to what they did. I have no way to verify that. but at least my thinking was in line with what the solution was.

ultimately what happens in these walls is not as important as curing a disease. I am not a doctor or a scientist. but Thomas Edison was not a great educated man. he could solve problems though and there is no disputing that. There should be a way for the real creative people of the world to help the scientists and doctors come up with ideas. on the internet. for free.


One thought on “solving the worlds problems …

  1. I know this post makes me sound like an A hole, but I believe to be really creative you have to believe in your ideas being valid or you won’t take a chance on them …

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