Christmas is a time of year we are all supposed to be happy, but we are not. Divorces, death and break-ups come to the for front when you realize these people are not there. This can hurt. Even if you aren’t going through a trauma per say, you have extra chores and obligations that make this season anything but enjoyable. That being said life is not about what you don’t have it is about what you have. Counting your blessings is always a good habit to get into. It is a learned behavior as well. You almost have to force yourself to do it. so here are somethings to help get you there.


10.) it is always darkest before the dawn – when things are shitty they have no place else to go but up. keep this in mind when you are thinking dark thoughts.

9.) Agriculture is able to produce more food than we need. In America we have plenty of food. We take for granted how much this is the land of plenty. If you are hungry there are people who want to help you. Th government wants to help you. In other countries the government hoards food to keep it population under control. We don’t do that here.

8.) Medical science is better now than it ever has been in the history of man. They can take your heart out of your chest and put it back without killing you.

7.) The sun. The sun gives us Vitamin D. The sun warms you up and makes plants grow. It is a gift to us. Appreciate it.

6.) Water. Humans used to travel miles and miles to get to a water source. We just turn a lever and we have more than we can ever need.  Take a hot bath in it. Take an extra long shower.

5.) Oxygen. Breath in as much as you want. It is free. it also makes you feel better. Yoga has whole disciplines based on breathing. get in touch with your ability to breath.

4.) Trees are incredible. Nature is our natural habitat. Go out into the woods and sit there. Remember what it is like to be a natural born human.

3.) Your brain is the most sophisticated brain on the planet. even quadriplegics have more brain power then a super computer.

2.) You are capable of creativity. Don’t tell yourself your not. you create the world you live in. You decide where to put your furniture, what to feed yourself, how you behave. Even if it seems like you have no control. You really do.

1.)  You are capable of love. Don’t forget to love someone. You can make someone happy. Even if they can’t tell about it. They will feel better. and you will be happier.


I also didn’t get to Color, Sound, touch, humor, jokes, people, these are all good things.


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