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American designers have been taking it on the chin for the last ten years… forced to use helvetica and simple graphic shapes and computers to create graphic design … every art school teaches students about the “Bauhaus” design aesthetic and beats the individual expression out of everything … I was in front of my office this morning looking at the tan generic pain scheme …. I grew up in the generic suburbs where every house was made from a series of square rooms with no molding or anything ornate about it … and you could walk into any house on the street and feel at home because they all had the same floor plan and dimensions … this sign comes from a time when things were one of a kind and ornate … today they would set this sign in helvetica medium and be done with it … what a pathetic excuse for not trying. The world need brave people in design who are willing to say something looks good and feel it in their hearts. Primitive people were more in touch with  their emotions and able to express themselves with a paint brush … homogenized and lifeless info-graphics are taking over our world and environment. We need to push back. Bring some beauty into our world. Bring some color into our world. Bring some soft shapes into our world. This has become an angry harsh world where people are dreaming of a post apocalyptic world with every video game that comes out… where are the dreams? where are the aspirations? why are we so cold?


breath in the air, feel the grass on your bare feet, get mud under your fingernails, we are animals, – natural, whole and complete … be alive



Dale Keiger says: October 8, 2009 at 9:45 am
I am smiling because my father, Charles Keiger, painted this sign. He worked for Sam Caldwell after completing five years at the Cincinnati Art Academy in 1952. I don’t know how old this sign is now, but as far as I know it’s his last remaining wall in Cincinnati. He used to do all the signs at Crosley Field. Find a historical photo from the 1961 Reds-Yankees World Series, and those signs on the Crosley scoreboard and outfield wall are his.

Dale Keiger


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