dr venture watercolor

dr venture watercolor

I hate led zepplin.

with a passion.

imagine hearing the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over.

Imagine these were songs you didn’t really care about to begin with.

Imagine a world where groups like the ramones came and went and were never played on the radio. NOT ONCE. but “Good Times Bad Times” is constantly playing on some shitty radio somewhere 24/7. I HATE THAT SONG. ALWAYS DID.

Imagine a world where the Sex Pistols, REM, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, JFA, DEVO, English Beat, all the bands you ever loved were never played or heard of by everyone you ever met. because the airways were hogged by “Stairway to Heaven.” I HATE THAT SONG TOO!

Imagine a world where corporations decided what you wanted to hear when you were born and still play the same stuff on the radio when you are 44 years old. I HATE “COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN”

Imagine a world where new kids are born every year who “discover” Led Zepplin, and play it. Over and over again.

Led Zepplin needs to be never played again.


Jimmy Page is a good guitarist but not the best, Robert Plants voice sounds horrible, John Bonham was a good drummer though. BUT most of the shit they played was mediocre and grates on my nerves. “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” = WHOLE LOTTA SHIT

Please give me a fucking break. FOR REAL I never want to hear that shit again.


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