I do a lot of illustrations using vector. My process is to take reference photos then recreate the shading using object blends in illustrator. this process has not changed in quite a few years. This mechanical process is made human by editing the shading and line work to be aesthetically pleasing. The colors the shading all work together to create a message. I find I can control vector exactly. I can put any color in exactly the right spot. My hands and eyes are only capable of so much detail. My drawings outside of the computer lack control and even at best of times do not match the vision in my head. The vector lines allow me to choose carefully what line goes where and how thick it will be. I also can come back and edit it easier. The process is the same as painting with water colors, only the vector is easier to print more flexible…. 



These water colors are featured on sparkle paper towels. 

you can see the design peaking out on this image I found on the internet.



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