easter bunny painting his egg

easter bunny painting his egg

I watched a documentary over the weekend about marijuana. It had the message that pot had no physical or psychological side effects. I am 44 years old and have never seen or heard of one person dying from pot use. What I have seen though is people who had their ambition taken from them.

Simple things like working and paying your bills are no longer concerns when you are hitting the bong everyday. These people I am thinking of are very smart possible genius level. Maybe the pot was the only way to quiet their brains. It is hard to tell. The human mind is our only tool as an animal and is extremely powerful. Like any part of the body the more you exercise it the more you will get out of it. So controlling your thoughts is key to making your mind useful. Pot settles your mind. This is a short cut. If you become dependent on any substance to control yourself you will be at the mercy of that substance and it will control your life. You need that energy in your mind to survive and should use it for good. Don’t squander it. it will run dry at some point. Remember that.

Another side effect of daily pot smokers I have known is they all have a deep seated resentment of authority. Everything from car dealerships to santa claus are the causes of evil in their minds. I have spent many hours listening to these rants. One guy told me santa was really a hallucination that came about by eating the urin soaked snow of reindeers. When the reindeer ate hallucinogenic mushrooms there pee had an effect like LSD. So people would imagine they could fly on reindeers. It all makes sense sort of, but who cares? Who cares if the government caused 911 or can read our thoughts. None of those things makes my life any easier or harder. The Catholic church doesn’t come to my house and steal my bike from my garage in the back yard. The government doesn’t borrow my shit and not give it back. The CIA doesn’t send me bills for cel phones I don’t use. Maybe if everyone wasn’t stoned we could take care of REAL problems in this country instead of chasing crazy dreams.

What if we sold all the guitars in this country and fixed the highways. What if we sold all the cars and made a world we could live in. Things are so ugly right now.

Truth is I don’t care what you do. It’s your life, these are just things I have observed over the last 44 years on this planet. Take it or leave it.


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