Flags, Designed by BL

here is a graphic showing a bunch of flags I designed while working at NCE. for a while i would see them on houses in my neighborhood. that was always fun.

Woody Allen makes some good movies. I wish every movie was that emotionally honest. They also have some cool things to say. They also can become tedious. Hopefully over time they will get spaced out and last for a long time into the future. I wonder who the great artists in history were that have been lost over time. Archaeologists tend to dig up a new civilization every few years. I am sure in that civilization there was genius who made some great art or invention or even a great creative thought. People don’t always make statues to someone who has a great idea. Like who invented domesticated wheat? or the potato? Human existence is happening because someone found and cultivated a food that would sustain millions of people. No one knows who that guy is.

Woody Allen always asked what is the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to make a person to replace you. Woody Allens children are his movies. Until later in life he seems to have made some good kids and the movies start to suck . Creativity is the instinct to make children. If you can’t for various reasons make an actual child, art is a great way to focus your instinct to create something.

Think about it. We date, make love, get married,  work and struggle all to make someone to replace us. and once we do that, we can rest. That is why old people can be either really mellow or angry. Maybe they are angry they didn’t find the answers. Or they are happy because they found it.

The answer is always in giving of yourself away to people so you don’t have to keep the universe that is your world to yourself.


Woody Allen also uses a lot of jazz in his movies. Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin, These are treasures of the world of music. I noticed the most mundane movie scene can be magical with the right score. Music can evoke emotions separate from the visuals. In life your emotions never seem to match up with the visuals. You could be screaming inside while sitting in a library, fall in love in a crappy middle class kitchen, or have no emotions in the middle of a riotous mob. The right music can transmit a persons mood. Woody gets that.

Woody like young girls. . Most men find young women as an opportunity at life (see above point about reproduction). At least he is being honest. People recoil at old men who are interested in sex. Like after a certain age we should just die inside and be ok with that. Not fair.


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