where are the jobs, people ask?



This is how I started. I got paid to design t-shirts. Now people give it away for free. So there will not be people like me in the future … I would never have stuck with this for free while my kids starved, because one day I might get paid. That would be insane … this is the same reason music is not good today. There is no way for a reasonable person to get better and feed themselves. So they just splice old music made by talented people together, because they can not play it. They suck and live off the sweat of the dead. 


No apprentice program. No education. No Future.


stealing art destroys art


2 thoughts on “No apprentice program. No education. No Future.

  1. The Beatles went to Hamburg and got paid to play music in bars. they didn’t have rich parents or wives to keep them eating while they honed their craft… they went from good to great in hamburg .. so when they got the chance they exploded … we will not likely see that again ….

  2. I also just bought Daft Punk Homework and listened to the track “Around the world”. Turns out I bought the CD Fat Boy Slim a few years earlier and all he did was play this song as is on his CD …. I knew a DJ just played someone else’s records but It didn’t occur to me how little creative work they actually do. … bunch of fakers …




    fake has replaced real

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