turns out the younger generation doesn’t consider my gift of pointing out how annoying I think their music is to be a blessing … ? 


of course this is sarcasm which doesn’t translate well into text. I have spent many hours playing guitar and in bands… so at one point I found some sort of enjoyment out of music … before this modern time people used to live without music constantly playing all the time. It was a peaceful time. People could talk to each other. People would have interesting conversations. The only time you talked to anyone was over the phone or at a party. Or other social gathering … Sound was more precious … now you have annoying techno music blaring every where you go … Adam Carolla has spent many hours complaining about this phenomena. It has turned into a rage inside of me. It used to be something I could put up with but that was 5 years ago… no it just makes me want to scream … 


so what is really happening here?

obviously sounds can’t make you do anything. they do not have the physical strength to move my arms or legs. They can only suggest things. But music can grow stale. Stale sounds. Stale chords. Stale vocal stylings. It is nice to turn off when it gets like that. The problem is I work with young females who can’t get enough of Whitney Houston. 

 I think i am just hungry and tired and want to leave work. the end. Image

One thought on “I hate all music

  1. my fiance has asked me to not publish all my angry thoughts on Facebook because it is depressing and scaring people. So I am using this blog to get it out of my head …. I am thankful to have someone who cares police me a little bit, I don’t intend to scare people ….

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