we named my daughter Ava in 1996. Her name was on the increase and double in popularity in recent years… The entire idea was to name her something no one else had. When naming a baby you are basically determining there future based on your past. You would never name your kid after someone you didn’t like. That would be madness. So clean slate means you look for names that have no past. According to the chart not many people were ever named Ava. So the name is fresh and unused. There were 4 Jennys in my 8th grade school class. I work with a troop of Jennys. The random collection of letters is basically what a name is. Each one has no real meaning. Humans affix meanings to arrangements of letters to communicate ideas, but if you take those letters and change the meanings and sounds they make you have no science to back that up. Thinks about it….


2 thoughts on “Ava

  1. oliver says: Violet and Audrey were both super popular in the early 1900s. it seems like both are picking up some speed again. it doesn’t really matter to me, though a lot of people are put off by having a “popular” name. I think if the name fits you, it fits you. I’ve only ever met probably 3 or 4 other Olivers in my life and I admit, I’ve always liked it’s rarity. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it really defined me in any way or predetermined what kind of person I was gonna be. I’m certainly a very average person, despite my name maybe being a touch unique.

  2. Bart is a rare name as well … I don’t remember ever meeting another Bart although I have heard of people knowing a Bart, It is definatly represented in movies, usually as the rich brat or bad guy … never a main character … so maybe that is my lot in life to be the foil to the hero of a movie

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