Hand Lettering Workshop

People yearn for something organic and natural in this digital homogenized world. McD’s and Starbucks have created a network of standardization that has made humanity prosper and grow to 6 billion people. That is 6 Billion meals a day. 6 Billion chickens and 6 billion plates to be washed. All made by people to feed the masses. Being part of a mob is a terrible feeling. You are now 1/6,000,000,000th of the population. Like a grain of sand on a beach. or a star in the galaxy. No one knows you exist. Fame has become an obsession. Because we have no identity. We are just one of the billions of people in this world struggling to make a living. Struggling to be heard. Drowning in history like a cyan printing dot on a process printed photograph. Art is a way to make your mark. Your hand writing is unique. Make a font from your handwriting at this workshop I am running …


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