Taco Bell / KFC Norwood Ohio review 5/12/14

This is a filthy place, it is like eating in a men’s restroom.. and yet I find myself compelled to drive there once a week. There is a virtual menagerie of colorful people who are here… A mix of business owners and desperately poor. LIttle people and mexican families, landscape crews and bookstore dudes … Norwood is a combination of million dollar mansions of 100 years ago and shitty apartments. Today we drove past this lady who looked like she was shaving in the rearview mirror of a pickuptruck outside of mcdonalds… she looked cracky or methy … we were thinking “whore?” then we saw another super skinny dude with a wife beater standing near the door pulling up his shirt for some reason no one will ever know why. Women go to great lengths to lose weight across the country, but in norwood all the women are like 90 lbs and look malnourished and skeletal. its the drug abuse … they have pock red marks on their faces and are wearing clothes that look dirty … it is funny to see women in kenwood (a upper class section of town) wearing “roughened” jeans and jean shorts … next to the real deal … anyway … I hate myself for going there


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