here is a snowman for monday,
the back to work day
the break your back work day
the back of the weekend break day
the day you make a living
make a living
living is made on this day
the day for you to make some money
I always need some encouragement on monday
it is like a heavy stone you have to push hard to get rolling
once the week starts rolling it is hard to stop and doesn’t stop til saturday am, but for the week it keeps rolling 50 times a year, until  you stop breathing, then someone else fills your spot.
coffee helps keep me focused on monday am, when you sit in a chair for 40 plus hours a week, it can be long and boring, your body is equipped to do physical labor, but those muscles get week if they aren’t used daily. use it or lose it is what they say. your mind is confused, “do I rest?” “we are still” ” shouldn’t we be doing something?” 
this post is terminated..

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